Like urban legends, people believe in superstition as much as myths. Here some of the few myths proven to be just mere stories:

  1. Dreaming of having a tooth pulled out, you might have lost a tooth in real life.

Truth about this myth is that sometimes, our mind is sending us signals that we think too much of our fear. Having a tooth pulled out in a dream does not necessarily mean that when you wake up, you will have a tooth beside you. It might be that your mind is telling you that it is time to visit the dentist.

  1. Eating too many sweets lead to a damaged set of teeth.

Well for this, let us sue the dentists for giving kids candies after a tooth extraction and for telling us to eat ice cream. Sweets are good for your body and teeth as they activate the senses in so many ways. But eating too much will lead you to diabetes. Yes eating sweets is okay as long as you don’t eat too much, and as long as you brush your teeth afterwards.

  1. Not brushing will help maintain the strength of the tooth.

This is just (insert facepalm reaction) stupid. Brushing your teeth will lessen the amount of bacteria present in your mouth. Our mouth is the passage to all food that we take in to satisfy our hungry tummies; and not brushing your teeth will only lead to a sign saying “tooth for rent” to all cavities and bacteria. Brush your teeth and avoid having unwanted residents inside your mouth.

  1. Toothache pain is tolerable.

Whoever said this will get a punch in the face. A small toothache is a great pain. Do not, repeat, underestimate that pain. Sometimes such pain will tell you not only that you have a damaged tooth but it could also be a disease yet to be discovered. Do not underestimate the presence of pain, especially toothache, it may tell you more than just cavities.

  1. Damage to the bones will only affect the bones.

Our teeth are composed of calcium, and yes, our teeth are part of the bones. Any illness that can affect our bones can also affect our teeth. A weakening of the bones’ strength will also affect the bite force of our jaw and the strength of our teeth. Milk can help maintain its health. So drop the alcohol and put that cigarette down and start thinking about having a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

  1. Brushing too much will help maintain the health of the teeth.

If there is “under” brushing, there is also too much of it. Over brushing your teeth will not only ruin the teeth but will also affect your gums. Adding friction to your teeth to keep it clean and doing it often will not only lead to bleeding, but having your teeth lose its grip inside your mouth. Our teeth have limits too. Brush, but do not over do it.
Now that you know these myths, it’s about time you start forgetting these and start believing the right facts. Why don’t you book a Dentists appointment for a start?


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