The recent emergence of soccer’s popularity within the U.S. has spawned a loyal following of fans. It has also spawned a larger group of younger people who wish to become great at the sport. If recent World Cup numbers are any indication, soccer is here to stay. However, this is certainly going to cause a rise in the numbers of people who visit chiropractor San Luis Obispo options. Soccer is one of the most athletic sports in the world. It requires concentration, and an ability to become one with the field and fellow players. This intense concentration often leads to physical problems though.


            The slide tackle is one of the most exciting moves in soccer. It requires a player to slide into another player to steal the ball the best that they can. This is done as the player slides across the ground. The only problem is that younger players often do not know the best way to execute the tackle. They often hit the ground hard, and they hurt their back in the process. If you lead with your shoulder downward, then there is a greater chance that you will pull a back muscle. Chiropractors see this all the time, and it takes a while for people to completely come back from the injury.


            Sometimes upper back and neck injuries occur when two or more players jump for a header. A header refers to a ball that a person tries to knock one way or another with their head. Unfortunately, when two players vie for the same ball, they often crash their heads together. Some players have described this as a sort of whiplash sensation, not unlike that felt during a car wreck. Chiropractors usually have to step in to help a player who does this. They must align the upper neck and back so that the pain and swelling subsides.


            Goalies have one of the most dangerous jobs on the soccer field. They must be able to crash through defenders and attack men in order to gain access to the soccer ball. In the process, they often launch themselves through the air to make a save. This is what causes many back problems for goalies. While it might not be just one injury that causes the problem, the repeated smashing to the ground actions cause issues for years.


            Soccer is a great sport, but like all sports, parents should be careful about the back issues that can result form playing it. All it takes is quality training to ensure that your son or daughter does not have to seek the service of a chiropractor. Make sure that they understand why it is so important to wear protection as well. This helps them to keep from getting severely injured in the process.


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