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Methamphetamine is probably responsible for more drug addicts in the United States than any other illegal drugs. Although the media are always talking about the war on drugs in America and the extra border checks which are put in place to hopefully stop illegal drugs entering the country, the biggest problem, meth, is produced in the country and so no end of stricter border checks will reduce its availability.

As with many of the other addictive illegal drugs which can be bought on the black market today, the best way to get cured from its addiction is to go to a rehabilitation clinic of which there are numerous around the country. One of the questions often asked by people wanting to give up their addiction is; how long does meth last in your system? The answer to that though is varied as it will depend on how long someone has been addicted and how much they were taking.

It is usual that the longer someone has been addicted to Methamphetamine, the more they are likely to have taken each time and this is because as well as being highly addictive, Methamphetamine is also a drug which promotes tolerance which in other words means; as you get used to taking it, the effects seem less and so you take more. The visible effects of Methamphetamine may only last for between 6 and 24 hours but the long term effects, the adverse effects that the drug has on the health of the body, last much longer and can in fact cause death, even if only taken in moderation.

The immediate effects of Methamphetamine is that you feel good but that good feeling is often also mixed with a feeling of paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and aggression. The long term adverse effects to the body include skin disorders, problems with the kidneys and liver as well as possible problems with the blood and heart.

One of the things which is sad about Methamphetamine is that in the 1950s it was a legal drug which helped people to lose weight and as such was looked on by many as being some kind of miracle drug however, after further research was carried out on it, it was found that the side effects were more dangerous than the extra weight someone may have and so it was banned; made illegal.

It is perhaps that because so many people had tried the drug in order to try and lose weight and in so doing experienced the good feeling it created, which resulted in the drug remaining popular even after it was made illegal. This plus the fact that the drug was easy to produce made it an easy drug to produce and sell on the street illegally. Today in order for the government to reduce addiction in America, they will have to do more than just tighten the borders; they will have to also take the war on drugs onto the streets to stop the production of Methamphetamine.