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Those who are not familiar with the different jobs at the dental office will not know the difference between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist. Their jobs are two f those that are commonly mistaken for one another. If you want to go through this career path, you should visit MyDental Hygienist Schools to get an idea about the studying involved in this career path. You also need to know the difference between the two if you want to be part of this field. The training is different as well as the education so you don’t really have to compare them because they are different from each other.

A common factor among the two of the positions is the presence of a dentist who will be responsible in all of the different dental procedure to be done. The dentist is responsible in designating the different roles that both parties should do.

Dental Assistant

The dental assistant is someone who can perform tasks that involves the preparation for the procedure that would be done. He or she has the responsibility to make sure that the instruments are all disinfected and that the records of the patient are available for the dentist to take a look at. All the instruments of the dentist are prepared and ready for the arrival of the patient. If there is a need for other items such as anesthetics, tooth cement, x-ray machine and the others are all prepared by the dental assistant. They are also responsible in making sure that payment is made by the clients and that they charged the right amount to them. Their main task is to do secretarial work or office work in the clinic. The dental assistants also have to have a license in order for them to do the x-ray procedures that the dentist would request.

Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist on the other hand performs tasks that are more independent and advance as compared to what the dental assistant does. Some of the tasks that are previously just done by the dentists can now be performed by the dental hygienist as well. This will include polishing the teeth of the patient, removal of the plaque, tartar or stains on the teeth. They can also develop the x-rays, administer anaesthetics, remove previously done sutures, and many other tasks. From what you can see, the dental hygienist is more hands on to the different dental procedures that are done to a patient. They can also do what the dental assistant does.

As for the salary, the dental hygienists get paid more than the dental assistants. If you take a closer look at the educational background of the dental hygienist, you will see that they have lots of experience and they need a degree to qualify for that position. On the other hand, the dental assistants can just provide their certificates and diplomas that they have to fill in the job. In terms of benefits, dental assistants may receive more than what dental hygienist receives. In figures, a dental assistant can have an average annual salary of 34,000 while a dental hygienist has $70,000.