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In the 1960s a drug named phentermine became very popular as it was shown that it could afford people the opportunity to lose weight without the need for exercise or dieting. If that drug had still been available today it probably would be even more popular as there are even more people today that would like to lose weight than there was then. For many years phentermine was successfully used but it was discovered that the use of it had caused many people to become ill or addicted to it and so the FDA researched the drug. Their results concluded that phentermine could be associated with many harmful side effects including addiction and so they removed it from the market and made its use illegal. Since then people have had to once again resort to exercise or dieting to lose weight but often with little success. The reason for this lack of success is not because the people do not want to lose weight but because they find it hard to keep up either a strict exercise regime or an even stricter diet. As far as exercise goes many people would not mind doing a little extra but often because of today’s lifestyle they are all too often too busy to maintain the regime long enough to see any results. It is often today’s lifestyle that also hampers people from following a strict diet as the pace of today’s modern living often requires the partaking of fast foods, none of which are really conducive to most diets. Many weight lose products have of course come on the market but most are either ineffectual or are too expensive for many people’s budgets. That was though until now. Today scientists have claimed to make a product Phen375, which is the synthetic equivalent to phentermine. So, what is Phen375? The answer to that is that it is indeed a synthetic version of phentermine which is made from all natural products and so does not have the adverse side effects that were eventually associated to phentermine. Unlike the case with phentermine, the FDA has already completed its research on Phen375 and has concluded that it is free from all the side effects they had associated with phentermine and so have allowed it to be sold over the counter meaning that a prescription is not even needed to use it. According to many reviews for Phen375 that are already online, it does work and works in just a matter of weeks. This is a product which unlike other weight lose products that work in just one way, works in several at the same time. For instance, some weight lose products may claim just to reduce the craving for food whilst others claim to help the metabolism; Phen375 claims to do both and more. It is of course good when you want to lose weight to try and exercise more and to also reduce or at least monitor your food intake but if you can do that as well as take Phen375 the results are far better.