There are times when all of us could use some advice on good skin care especially if we start to have dark spots or blemishes appear on our skin. When we do need this type of advice, fortunately, there are websites like the one by Best Skin Advisor which can provide that advice. These websites have tried and reviewed many of the different products that are available on the market today and have come up with recommendations as to which are perhaps the best for you.

There are of course dozens if not hundreds of different skin care products available today but only some of them work as well as they claim to and so choosing the correct one is essential if you are going to see any results. This means that you will either have to do some research yourself or try several different ones until you find one that does work. Alternatively though, now you can go to one of the websites which offer advice and try their recommendations. Although the recommendations may not work as well for you as they did for them, at least they should work to some degree which is something you cannot rely on just any product doing.

The first thing to consider when trying to decide which skin care product to use to lighten any dark spots or rid your skin from blemishes is to know the type of spot or blemish it is that you have. For example, is it a spot due to too much sun or perhaps too much aging? Are they marks left behind from an outbreak of acne or one of the many other causes? The different products will have been specially formulated to treat certain types and so choose one which is the right type.

Each of the different products should list all the ingredients that are used to make it but not all of those ingredients are active ingredients; ingredients meant to cure, as some of them will merely be to make the product look or smell better. What you must therefore do is know which active ingredients are best for your particular problem, which the websites will tell you, and then choose a product that contains those. Some active products which you may want to look for are:

Kojic Acid – This is an ingredient which, although popular for some time now in Japan, is only now starting to be used in the west. This works very well but it has one side effect and that is it makes the skin burn more easily when in the sun and so only use a product that has 2% Kojic Acid and then still wears sunblock.

Azelaic Acid – Hydroquinone was once a very popular ingredient in skin care products until it was discovered it had potential links to cancer and so Azelaic Acid is now the preferred ingredient as it works almost as well as Hydroquinone but has not been associated with any known side effects.

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